5 Things Homeowners Should Do To Help Sell Their Home

You’ve made the often – challenging decision to try to sell your home. You’ve interviewed real estate agents, and selected the one, you feel is best for your situation, etc. You’ve discussed goals, priorities, needs, etc, and shared ideas. Your real estate professional has explained his reasoning, regarding listing price, marketing, etc. So, what’s next? Why do some homes sell quickly, while others remain on the market for a long time? While sometimes this is about pricing, and other times, it might be something about the particular house, or property, at other times, it is, at least partly, because, you, the homeowner, often acted, as your own worst enemy. Let’s review 5 things homeowners should do. in order to help sell their home.

1. Listen carefully to you chosen/ selected real estate professional: You selected a particular agent as your representative, so doesn’t it make sense, to listen to what he has to say? Be sure you are on the same page, and you follow – up, and take care of your agreed – upon responsibilities!

2. Make your home, easy to show: While you say you want to sell your house, it often does not appear to be a top priority! One of real estate’s little realities, is, generally, the more qualified buyers, who view it, the better the chance, you’ll get an offer, which you are satisfied with. You’d be amazed how often homeowners make it difficult to show, by limiting showing times to small windows, making excuses, etc. Ask yourself, are you really motivated to get it sold?

3. Keep an open mind/ flexibility: Too often, sellers confuse listing prices with selling price! Did you begin with realistic expectations, based on comparables, or were you hopeful, optimistic, and, perhaps, somewhat unrealistic? How it is priced, from the start, often greatly impacts how many showings there will be, and, obviously, that may compromise your ability to receive offers! If you are getting showings, but no offers, it means there is something about either the house or the price. Keep and open mind, and remain flexible enough, to adjust your listing price, if necessary.

4. Be sure it’s ready to be shown, every day: The first thing you’ll need to do, every day, is make sure your property, is ready to be viewed, to its best advantage. Don’t leave papers strewn around, or beds unmade! Never leave dishes in the sink, make sure everything looks neat and clean, and there are no objectionable odors or aromas!

5. Have regular discussions with your agent: Market conditions often change, and how the market is responding to your home, is essential to understand and consider. Keep in constant contact with your agent, and trust his/ her advice and recommendations.

Will you help your own cause, or be your worst enemy? When a homeowner and agent, work together, on the same page. and cooperatively, the best results occur!