How To Hit Your MLM/Network Marketing Target Market Every Time For Free

The story is told of a young farm boy that by all means was an expert marksman with the bow and arrow. His story was told far and wide as one that hits bullseye every time.

The story garnered the attention of a local newscaster so he took the 25 mile trip to the country to see what the fuss was all about.

The newscaster was amazed as he walked around the family farm and saw that the stories he had heard were true. Herein lies the proof. For everywhere he looked he could see arrows – all hit the bullseye, 100%.

They were on the barn, the trees and various building throughout the property.

“How, the newscaster asked did you accomplish such a feat and hit the bullseye 100% of the time?”

“It is easy” replied the boy, “I shot the arrow first, then painted the target around the arrow”.

Unfortunately, we who are into MLM/Network Marketing have been sold a bill of goods saying that marketing is easy.

“Join me and I will show you how to hit the bullseye 100% of the time” is proclaimed from many of the websites of the guru.

“My way is the best, I will show you how to hit the target”. Says another.

If you are anything like I am, and I’d bet that you are, you are getting really sick and tired of all the self-proclaimed guru’s out there telling you that they have the answer and telling you “I have proof, look, all my marketing arrows have hit the bullseye 100% of the time”.

Now you know the real answer.

With that said, let me say that there are many marketing techniques that work and many of them will hit a marketing bullseye and some will fall very short of having a positive outcome and some are plain out lies to separate you from your money.

For instance, most say using flyers in MLM/Network Marketing doesn’t work or does it? They say, take 500 of your best marketing flyers and head out to Wal-Mart and place those 500 flyers. A complete dud!

They are correct. Why? Passing flyers out at Wal-Mart is like painting a bullseye around your arrow after you shot it.

But, if you take those same flyers and go to your local trade school at night, placing them on all of the cars in the parking lot, you will have hit a true bullseye.

Why? Because you have just hit your target audience without painting a bullseye around your arrow.

Think about this, who is your target audience in MLM/Network Marketing? People that are trying to better themselves, people that are working towards more money for a better lifestyle.

Sounds like people that work during the day and go to school at night.

You will hit more bullseye’s if you aim at your target market more so than painting your target market around your offer.

I hope this helps.